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Israel Trip!

The following are the hotels that we will be staying at while in Israel! You can leave comments to this post and I will try to check in periodically during the trip. Students: Have a great time while I am … Continue reading

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Whittier School

This is an exciting week for school. The students only have ten days left until summer break. They are very excited and happy to be going to sixth grade. It doesn’t seem possible that the year is over. We have … Continue reading

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Students don’t forget about our wikis that we have been building all year. I look forward to your participation this summer. Your names will be removed as of the end of June. Let’s keep in contact through

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School Year is Ending!

As the school year’s ending, I can see that many of the students have learned a lot about using computers. It seems their favorite thing to do is write stories and plays. I am hoping that the students will keep … Continue reading

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What is a key Fob?

We now have Key Fobs at Whittier School. A Key Fob is used to unlock doors electronically,,sid14_gci795968,00.html From now on the doors at Whittier School will be locked. If students are coming to school early because they are working … Continue reading

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Revolutionary War Games!

Here is a board game created by my students! What a fantastic way to learn about any content area. We have been working on Revolutionary War games and using the QAR strategy for designing the board game questions. QAR is … Continue reading

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Marquee in Lights!

What is this? Use Google to research the name of these new ways to advertise! What is it called? How does it work? Costs?

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