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Social Networking

I sat here this morning reading Twitter messages and viewing the Ustream at and was amazed and excited about what I was learning through an educational conference called Educon 2.0 While multi-tasking during the morning by reading tweets at … Continue reading

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Educon 2.0

Today, Twitter was an exciting place to be when you couldn’t attend the Educon 2.0 conference held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. For example, by watching a Ustream of the opening keynote speaker, I was able to go to a live blog. … Continue reading

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Exciting news for Whittier School!

We have been invited to participate in the Springfield Technology 2008 day held at the capitol building in Springfield, Illinois. My class along with Ms. Esparza’s class will be going on May 7 to this event. What will we … Continue reading

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Getting out the bugs!

Up early today working on my feeds for my other blog. I wanted people to be able to subscribe to feeds such as feedburner. I was also spending time searching for a new look for both blogs. Something with a … Continue reading

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Here is an excellent “how to” on bookmarking using After watching this, you will want to start using tags to organize your bookmarks.

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More about Blogs

Great video I saw at Rachel Boyd’s website. Enjoy!

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Podomatic and Young Writers

My students have created fantastic stories that you can listen to at the following Website address. We used audacity in the classroom to record their stories and uploaded the MP3 file to podomatic. Easy! We hope you enjoy listening to … Continue reading

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