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I never get tired of looking a trees. While on a short vacation this week, I was visiting my brother’s house and took pictures of these two awesome oak trees. It is amazing how big and beautiful they are and … Continue reading

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Check this Screencast out by Liz Davis on Flock a browser by Mozilla! Technorati Tags Liz DavisFlock

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Please post an answer to these Survey Questions: What are some ways your child/students use technology? Name the technology tools that your child/students uses?

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Patience at Jury Duty

As I was sitting at Jury Duty and completely bored, I noticed that people were doing a variety of things! Some brought their laptops, cell phones, books, magazines, newspapers, notes, paper, and pens. It was a group that did not … Continue reading

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Pictures are worth a thousand words!

Here are a set of computers that I use in my classroom! Notice how they have changed over time. The white boxes are still running and work nicely thanks to our tech staff. Also, the two Dell computers are 5 … Continue reading

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Spring Break!

As I was experimenting with my camera, I was able to go to settings and change my color setting to black and white fairly easy. Taking black and white pictures seems to be very popular now and very easy to … Continue reading

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Testing, Testing, Testing

This past week has been one of the testing weeks for all students living in Illinois using the Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT). test is given over a two week period. There are many ways to prepare for the … Continue reading

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