Marquee in Lights!

What is this? Use Google to research the name of these new ways to advertise! What is it called? How does it work? Costs?

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7 Responses to Marquee in Lights!

  1. Hayley says:

    Marquee lights are various lights to transform your marquee into a stunning view……christmas lights…kind of. How much they cost is $5,000 for traders. I wasn’t able to find how they work. They are called just regular marquee lights.

  2. My Journal says:

    They’re also called “LED” lights. They work when you connect 16” lights and they have to be color lights. Connect them all, then program them to the computer you have for it and put what ever you want on it. They usually cost up to $5000, $10000, and $650. It’s awesome and I would like to make one.

  3. aviree says:

    i saw that they are called electronic billboard. like hayley said they could be christmas lights too!i saw one is florida about mcdonalds it kept changing pictures of mcdonalds.

  4. aviree says:

    also led lights

  5. tinkybell says:

    Marquee lights are “christmas” lights that are used for billboards. Like billboards that are used for theatures too!

  6. Mrs. Pritchard says: is a URL for Electronic Billboards!I found one with Josh! Yeah!

  7. Mrs. Pritchard says: and I found this under “electronic billboards”+”Wrigley”Look how different Times Square looks!

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