Whittier School

This is an exciting week for school. The students only have ten days left until summer break. They are very excited and happy to be going to sixth grade. It doesn’t seem possible that the year is over. We have been taking a lot of pictures but can’t post them here at the blog.

As I look back over our work on blogs and wikis, we have made many successes but have had some hardships. A lot of images and websites are blocked so the students had to work from home. The wiki was very helpful as a place they could store their information then transfer it once they were home.

We used audacity, an avatar, cameras, and many Microsoft products. We built slide show presentations, audio recordings of stories for Young Authors, many word documents, brochures, and recorded using an avatar. It was an interesting year.

The biggest accomplishment was the use of Class Blogmeister and getting the students to blog from home. That was really interesting and very hard to encourage. Once students are home in their own world, it was very difficult to get them to work on blogging. It would take weeks to get a blog post. Once they got use to checking at home, we were off and running.

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2 Responses to Whittier School

  1. tinkybell says:

    My favorite thing that we use thats Microsoft is Microsoft PowerPoint. I think probabaly because I have powerpoint at home so I can make Powerpoints

  2. aviree says:

    my favorite thing was learning about wikis and blogs so i cant wait to have my own website!!!

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