School Year is Ending!

As the school year’s ending, I can see that many of the students have learned a lot about using computers. It seems their favorite thing to do is write stories and plays.

I am hoping that the students will keep in contact with this blog throughout the summer. Since they will be at home, many of the items won’t be blocked. It will be interesting to see how many students keep in touch.

The comments area will be a vital part of our summer contact. We will use that area to communicate back and forth.

Students, what do you think….???? Will you be contacting this blog this summer?
Why or Why not?

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2 Responses to School Year is Ending!

  1. nancy_perez555 says:

    I will be in contact!i would like to keep in touch. Hopefully i get to see & comment next years class blog

  2. aviree says:

    i will to be in contact u were one of the coolest teachers ever i will be leaving dist. 130 so i will stay in touch through email

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