Israel Trip!

The following are the hotels that we will be staying at while in Israel! You can leave comments to this post and I will try to check in periodically during the trip.

Students: Have a great time while I am gone! Post your questions to the comment area on this post. Okay?

Evening of May 26 through morning of May 28
Le Meridian Hotel Dead Sea
Ph: 011 972-8-659-1234

Evening of May 28 through morning of May 31
Gai Beach Hotel Tiberias
Ph: 011 972-4-670-0700

Evening of May 31 through evening of June 4
Regency Hotel Jerusalem
Ph: 011 972-2-533-1234

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8 Responses to Israel Trip!

  1. nancy_perez555 says:

    That sounds nice! I saw the websites! have fun. have you seen anything that has catched your eye?

  2. Pony 24 says:

    hello i have not yet checked out the websites but i will how are you how was you plane did they surve you wine and caveare? are you travling by bus? your only going to stay at three hotels are the hotles you staying at have room service? i miss you i dont really like are sub i wish you where still hear but i bett you having a greate time arnt you

  3. tinkybell says:

    Hey, how was the trip and how are the hotels? was it Fun in Irael? What are some of the things you and your husband did?

  4. nancy_perez555 says:

    I like the sub just that she gets mad because alex noto doesnt behave! but i wish you were with us! ive been checking daily to see if you put pictures from isreal or reply. well have fun! i miss you

  5. Hayley says:

    pony. let me get this straight. How can she travel by bus? Israel is on the other side of the world. Two oceans blocking. Make sense? (no offense by the way. just informing.)Mrs. Pritchard, we all miss you TOO much, we desperatley need you NOW! The classroom is hectic!! Only one person is misbehaving and making ALL of the other kids get in trouble because of him or her. (not mentioning any names). So be sure to e-mail us and kepp informed. I’m sure we’ll all tell you how the last “day” was!

  6. Mrs. Pritchard says:

    Hi Everyone,I didn’t have a change to check this blog. I am sorry your last days of school were so hectic. I hope you all enjoyed graduating and being with each other. email me.

  7. aviree says:

    yes we all missed u!!!! what was your favorite part did u enjoy the ride. i know i am scared of plane rides lol. i got the math down!!

  8. Mrs. Pritchard says:

    Israel was awesome. We flew from Chicago to New York then New York to Israel. It took us over 14 hours. 9 hours from New York to Israel. We rode a bus while visiting the many sites in Israel. Everyday there was something new to visit and see. The food was good. I ate mostly veggies and fruits. The watermelon was excellent. Bethlehem and Jerusalem were my favorites.

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