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The different types of flowers and herbs that were used in our front yard were Safari Red  Marigolds, tickseed, sage, lavender, oregano, stonecrop, coneflower, and hostas.

In the pots, we planted Sweet Potato Vine (Parra De Camotes), Maverick Red Geranium, Ivy (Hedera Helix), Maverick Pink Geranium, Florida Pink Lisianthus, Florida Blue Lisianthus, Amigo Mix Celosia, and Fresh Look Red Celosia. I also placed Canna in the center of the pots.

We really like the above mixture that was placed in the larger pots in front of the house…The Lisianthus were really pretty.

We also added three lilies called Barbary Corsair Daylily that we found at Menards. The dark burgundy really caught my eye and looks excellent in front of the house.

We also planted other smaller pots of flowers that were placed around the front yard. We had bought pink, white, and red geraniums which made three pots plus what we put in the larger pots on both sides of the sidewalk. Another pot had basil in it. Still another had a lemon geranium. There are also two pots of petunias: one with all white petunias and the other with pink/white mixer.  We have a pot of marigolds too.  




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