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Technology and Church!

It is hard for some churches to be able to project images from computers onto their walls so that visitors and members can enjoy the program. Not all churches have appropriate lighting and enough receptacles located near the front. In … Continue reading

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Today we watched a basketball game between 4th and 5th grades with teachers and students playing on the same team. It was a great afternoon watching and enjoying the good sportsmanship. The teachers were fantastic. I say this because they … Continue reading

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More about FrontPage!

To work with FrontPage, you need to start finding images that you will be wanting to use on your Website. Search the Internet, collect the URLs where your images are held. Bring this list to class so we can visit … Continue reading

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Do we start with blogs or FrontPage? Students: You have been asking about making Websites and blogs to go on the Internet.This year we have used Classblogmeister for you to post your thoughts, ideas, and concerns. This blog is private … Continue reading

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FrontPage and Making Digital Files:

Microsoft FrontPage allows you to create WebPages!My students have been working on many Word documents, slideshows, brochures, and spreadsheets throughout the school year. Now, it is time to link these documents to FrontPage. Above is the teacher index page where … Continue reading

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Informal Survey on Technology

It is always interesting to read what students think about school and what they consider their favorite “thing to do” regarding technology. So, I surveyed my students to find out: 1. What was their favorite “thing” to do in the … Continue reading

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Add Color to Your Posts!

Attention fourth and fifth grade students: Add color to your posts! If you type your posts using Microsoft Word, you are able to use color and the color does transfer to your post “as is” if you have a blog … Continue reading

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