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Our D.A.R.E Officer King! Advertisements

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Webcam and Research projects

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WebCams and Research Projects

The students will be able to WebCam their oral presentations of their research projects, reports, posters, and other projects. In this way, we keep their identities anonymous.

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WebCam Max and Flixn

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If you are interested in making a WebCam using a digital camera and computer, here is an excellent way to get started. Use Flixn I am hoping to use this resource at work; however, this maybe blocked. Check out the … Continue reading

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My first WebCam production from my home. I am looking forward to using this resource in my classroom. However, this maybe blocked so I hope you will look at the video and also check out

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Brookfield Zoo Video

As I walked around the Brookfield Zoo with my digital camera and students, I began wondering if I would be able to post this video on my blog. After successfully posting the video, I went to school and noticed the … Continue reading

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