Tomorrow’s Tech in Today’s Schools: PowerPoint Templates

There are some interesting PowerPoint templates on David Ashby’s website. Several games are listed such as Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Millionaire, and Hollywood Squares. He also explains a Wikipedia project that has students creating a Wikipedia page as well as the Facebook project where students create a Facebook PowerPoint that resembles Facebook. The students complete their research reports and present them with the Facebook PowerPoints. The example given was John F. Kennedy. The end result of the project is that the research PowerPoint reports work like Facebook. Since many students are familiar with Facebook, I can see where this project would motivate students.

Tomorrow’s Tech in Today’s Schools: PowerPoint Templates

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The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter


The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter

This is a must read for beginners to Twitter….

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World IPv6 Day

World IPv6 Day.

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Working Hard!

I cannot believe it is May and I haven’t written a thing since winter. It has been a very busy time in my life. Cannot wait to see what the next school year brings. I will try to start updating on a regular bases and write about technology.

Smart boards are used daily in my school district. It really enhances the lectures presented by the teachers……Awesome….

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Winter Storm

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The New Year 2011

This past year I have been working for Shelby County R-IV school district and loving it.

I work in the high school with the special education department. It has been a wonderful experience. It has been very rewarding. I truly love teaching and just being involved with my students.

I have an algebra class and an English class that I attend and I think I am learning as much as if not more than the students……….It has been fantastic….

This year I plan to keep going with this blog and continue putting things that I learn about regarding technology….

At the high school, the teachers use smart boards when giving lectures. I enjoy watching the students and teachers interact while learning with the smart boards. The smart boards seem to keep the students’ attention and enhance the lecture points…..It is great to watch and learn….The teachers are experts at using the smart boards…they really enjoy this technology….it is integrated throughout their lessons….



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