Social Media by Ayelet Noff

The Future of Social Media by Ayelet Noff

Social Media Part of the Next Web Family posted an article about The Future of Social Media. According to the article, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and other social media are becoming social channels for others to grow their companies .

There are 700,000 Facebook users and growing. Users can now connect through Facebook to their favorite stores and restaurants to get information. Social media is no longer just individuals meeting virtually to socialize but companies are bringing their products to the social media users and connecting.

Have you noticed the increase of companies using social media? For Facebook, check out the “Likes”. …………………For example: Olive Garden

This is just one of the insights that the article mentions there are several other insights on social media discussed and how it is changing the world. This is truly a very interesting and insightful article worth reading.

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