Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

Bloom’s Taxonomy was one of the first things I learned about when student teaching over 25 years ago. It is still a very valuable tool for classroom teachers. It has been updated to include technology tools. Here again, the tools are integrated into the project and used to reach the classroom goal. Blogging can be used to enhance the highest order of thinking skills. Blogging is creating. Awesome! This is fantastic to see that blogging is in the highest area on the taxonomy…….Also, check out the others that are listed…..wikis, podcasting, animating, programming…..

Phillippa Howell has a wiki that includes the applications or software that is available for each level in the taxonomy. For example: digital scrapbooking with scrapblog, moodle online creating of blogs/wikis and more,  digital portfolio using mixbook, or creating powerpoints using Perzi.

Phillippa Howell has a wiki that presents Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy with specific technology tools that can be used for each verb that describes the thinking skills.

Phillippa Howell’s wiki is awesome. Check it out!

Google Images supplied the chart that was revised by Andrew Churches. Here is more information of Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy written by Andrew Churches.

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