Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

Have you read this book?

I wanted to pass on this information about Bucket Fillers! The video shows how classroom teachers can use the book and theme to make bulletin boards with buckets to promote self-esteem and more…. What a wonderful idea and with the First Days of Schools approaching….this is a fantastic idea for all classroom teachers.

On Lisa Thumann’s blog , she explains the book and the video……

    • A Non-Techie Resource: Bucket Fillers
    • For my daughter, at first, it was also about boosting her self esteem. She was coming home with little slips of paper (from her bucket) that said she was a good reader, that someone liked her shirt, that she had a nice smile. This did amazing things for her social well being as she was the new kid in her class and feeling very shy. Read more at the following link: A Non-Techie Resource: Bucket Fillers « Thumann ResourcesAnnotated
    • or just watch an Animoto video made by the teachers and students at Evergreen Elementary School in Scotch Plains, NJ…………

YouTube – Bucket Fillers.

Book Image is from www.amazon.com

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