Resources for Web 2.0

During my readings this morning on learning pyramids, I came across a Wiki called Web 2.0 Guru! It is loaded with resources and information on Web 2.0 resources and Differentiated Instruction/Instructional Technology.

Cheryl Capozzoli is the author of this wiki. She has titled the wiki, “The Best Web 2.0 Resources for Relevant Educational Technology Integration”. She has done an outstanding job of giving us tools for use in integrating technology with the classroom.

Teachers if you are wondering where to start in using technology in the classroom check out this wiki…..especially the section called Resources..

This is my favorite page……….resources
This page is loaded with technology….web 2.0 tools or resources….everything you can imagine and more. Categories such as: animation, assessment and evaluation, blogging, chars and spreadsheets, collaboration, communication, conversion tools, award and certificate makers, desktop publishing, dictionaries, digital storytelling, ebooks, games, global connections, Multimedia, and more. All of these are web 2.0 tools that can be used in the classroom building your digital library and resources. If you are looking for a place to start and you need technology tools for education….this is an excellent resource. This is well worth the time to bookmark and use as a reference.

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