Google Docs supports posting to Blogs

The following was copied from the above link:
Google Docs supports posting documents to most of the popular blog sites, as well as to any blog that supports the Blogger, metaWeblog or MovableType APIs…….

Note that you can also enter this information by choosing Publish as web page in the Share menu in the upper right corner of the Docs Edit page and clicking on change your blog site settings. Once this is done, you will be able to publish your documents to the blog you selected. If you’d like to publish to a different blog in the future, simply re-enter your blog settings.

After these settings are in place, you can post any document to this blog. To do so, follow these instructions:

From the Docs Edit page, click on “Publish as web page” from the Share menu in the upper right corner.
Click “Post to blog.” Once this document has been published to your blog, the time and date of this posting will be displayed.


This has been useful information. However, today, I had to work a long time to figure out how to switch from one WordPress blog to another for posting. The “Publish as web page” would not accept my new information until I found what I needed on Diigo. I was finally able to get Google Docs’  “Publish as web page” to accept my update by using my blog code I found on my Diigo account.
In the past, I have used Diigo to post articles and summaries to my WordPress blog. On my Diigo toolbar, I was able to look up the information I needed by clicking on “send” then “to blog” then looking at my “saved info” on blogs I have already set up to use with Diigo.

I really enjoy using Google Docs and Now I am back in business…..
Hope this helps, if you have the same problem I did…..

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