Google Docs

Google Docs has a way to make tests for you classroom under the heading “Form”.  I was familiar with documents, spreadsheets, and presentations but I was not familiar with Form.

I really became excited when I discovered forms because I think forms could be very useful to teachers wanting to develop quick tests on what is going on in the classroom, on any subject, and at any time.

In other words, with forms, you are able to build tests that fit what you are doing in the classroom. The forms are very easy to make and take little time to develop. The tests do not have to be multiple choice. You can develop essay or short answer tests.

Here is a link that gives specific directions on the “how to” of creating tests with Google Doc Forms.

    • Self-grading multiple-choice tests with Google Docs
    • (1) Go to Google Docs. If you don’t have a google account, you’ll have to set one up, but if you already use GMail or GReader or any of the other apps, you just need to log in.

      (2) In the upper-left corner, open the New drop-down menu and select Form.

      (3) You should now have a blank form. This will be your quiz. Give it a name where it says Untitled form and any additional text that will help your students (your name, class name, instructions, or whatever) in the box beneath it.

Here is a Video I found about Forms in Google Docs! This video explains more on how Google Docs-Forms are created and I think helps explain how useful Forms can be for teachers.


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