Word Press!

Last night I decided to change my blog and used Word Press to do it. Word Press allowed me to merge all my blog posts from blogger into one. I was able to use widgets and build my sidebar. I now have My Pages, Twitter, Flickr Photos, My Blogroll, Recent Posts, Tag cloud, Archives, and Categories. I was able to set up this blog very easily. It very easy to tag in Word Press. Word Press seems to have what I have needed to keep up with my blogging. I also found Flickr to be easy when inserting my pictures into a post and setting up Flickr was very easy. I did notice that when I merged the blogs my videos and pictures did not merge. Ugh!!!! But, what I have now is better than starting over…..

I have tried different blogs since 2007 and now I found the one I really think is easy to use and will let me blog away. There are many things I still need to do, but for one day I was able to get a new blog with my old information and get a new look. Happy Blogging…………………..

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