Listening – Principles of Successful Blogging #1

  • If you are interested in blogging, here are some tips from that has been blogging since 2002..
    • Listening – Principles of Successful Blogging #1

    • Listen to the culture of the blogosphere

    • Listen for where your potential readers are gathering

    • Listen to what others in your niche are saying

      • My own monitoring of my niches generally happens in two ways:

        1. Subscribing to Feeds of Key Sources of Information – these days most sites have some way of subscribing to them, usually via an RSS feed.

    • 2. Keyword Alerts

    • Recommendation Sites

    • Twitter

    • Listen to what is being said about you

    • Create Listening Spaces on Your Blog

    • Listen to the Questions Your Readers are Asking

    • Listen to what is working (and what isn’t)

      • Some places to start include:

        • What posts are being read most?
        • What posts are generating good conversation/comments?
        • What posts are being linked to by others most?
        • How are readers using your design? (use a tool like CrazyEgg to create a heatmap)
        • What days of the week are people reading your site most on? What times of the day?
        • What pages are people ‘bouncing’ from your site on (bounce rate shows how many people arrive on your blog and immediately leave)
        • What posts are people spending most (and least) time on?
        • What posts are you getting most negative feedback on?

    • How else do you Listen in your blogging?

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