Retirement and Blogs

As I go through the process of moving and finding a new job. One of my goals is to keep this blog as a source of technology for the classroom by inserting items that are useful to the classroom teacher. For example:

  • You can see to the left of the screen how easy it is to use Picasa to add a slideshow to your blog.
  • You can use diigo or delicious as bookmarks
  • You can add photos or videos to posts
  • You can use Google Reader to share information found on the Web
  • You can use twitter to share text information
  • You can share personal information…For example:As many of you know, I am
    officially retired from District 130 in Blue Island, Illinois.
    As I
    start my retirement journey, I have been organizing my personal
    belongings by packing, packing, and packing. My husband and I plan to
    move sometime this summer. We have bought a house in Macon, Missouri.
    This is an exciting new adventure in our lives. We are moving to the
    country where we will be able to have a garden and just enjoy the
    country life. After the move, I plan to come out of retirement mode and into the teaching mode again. 
  • You can use Blogs for informing and sharing information with others

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