Why Blog?

One of the strengths related to blogging is that it reinforces writing and reading skills. Bloggers read, write, proofread, rewrite, reread, and write more. Bloggers write for a real audience and this is important for any writer to know that someone is going to read their hard work. Bloggers usually write daily regarding their thoughts, ideas, or concerns. Bloggers build their communication skills by writing clearly and concisely. Bloggers inform the public about issues that are happening now. Bloggers use critical thinking skills to analyze and synthesize informational articles on the web then sharing their impressions and concerns. For example, Will Richardson writes for educators  http://weblogg-ed.com/ . Bloggers write their personal thoughts like a diary; such as, Adora Svitak has a fantastic personal blog http://www.adorasvitak.com/ .

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