Directions for Media Center

Open FrontPage

Then choose



Open your student page

Check to see if you have the following: background color: If you don’t then Format


Choose a color


On the Formatting Toolbar

Choose Comic Sans MS, 6 (24pt), bold, center,  choose a color,


Writers’ Workshop Stories:

Once you finished writing a story and you have had someone proofread it for you then you can:::::

Turn your Word document into a Web Page

Choose File

Save as type: choose Web Page

click Save

Close your document



type name of document with 6 (24pt) font size

highlight name

click on Insert hyperlink

Insert hyperlink window opens

Look in: (this is where you choose your file to be linked to)

click on OK

click on Save



Find the image you want to use

Save it into your image folder

Inserting Images



from file

choose your image folder

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