Technology and Reading Defined

What does the phrase technology and reading mean?
For educators, this may mean using technology for reading instruction or using technology to enhance learning or it could mean both. Also, it could be referring to reading information from the Internet on websites or blogs?  Or it could mean reading information that has been enlarged with overhead projectors? In addition, it could mean using various software programs and other types of technology to promote reading?
The phrase technology and reading could be referring to very, very
simple integration of technology and reading to very complex uses of
technology to support reading. It could mean how does technology
support reading instruction or what are the best ways to integrate
technology with reading?

No matter what form technology and reading takes, shouldn’t the technology be so integrated
that it becomes “the tool” and is not emphasized because the learner is
so involved in reading to learn or learning to read. The technology should become a
part of the learners life so integrated that it becomes like the clothes chosen for the day or the coats worn for different activities. Just like a car allows the learner to travel faster or glasses allow the learner to see better. Technology allows the learner to do things more efficiently.

One of the goals for this blog is to report on how technology can be
used in educational settings. The following Website is an excellent example.

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