Sleep Sleep Sleep

Students need the proper amount of sleep when facing the challenges of daily school activities. This means that they need over 8-10 hours of good restful sleep daily. Their minds cannot function clearly when they have not had enough sleep.
During the early evening, students need to cancel their activities on computers and electronic games as well as stop watching television. Their minds and bodies need rest and quietness so that they can think clearly. TURN OFF THE ELECTRONIC DEVICES can become one of the most important things that you do for your child. It does not matter how old a child/student is, what matters is getting that child/student enough sleep.
Skim over the following articles to see what experts are saying about sleep. This is nothing new. We all know the importance of sleep, but these studies are interesting.

National Sleep Foundation
Sleep Research
Importance of Sleep for School Children
Good Sound Sleep for Children
The Importance of Sleep
The Importance of Sleep The Importance of Sleep

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