This is an online application where you can create word documents, spreadsheets, and slide show presentations.
In my opinion, one of the best things about this application is that it is online. You can access your documents from any computer in the world. If you can get online, then you should be able to get to your Google documents. This may not be exciting to some people. However, when teachers are working with students on many different computers, in different locations, and at different times of day, then Google Docs could become very valuable in bringing information into one location.

For example, if you are creating documents at home and at work, then you will be able to put the documents in one place for easy access. This means you can work on the same document from many different computers. I started this blog post early this morning from a computer in my classroom. Later the same day, I went into the media center to try out Google Docs. I was able to work on this document again from a different computer. Then, I went home to work on my home computer and finish this blog post.

Additional Positive Features for Google Docs!

  • There is an off-line download available so that you can access your files when there is no internet.
    • You can, also, choose to share the documents in a
      collaborative environment or just keep them private. It is up to you and whatever you need to do!
    • When you are finished creating your word processing document, you can also save it as a PDF, HTML, RTF, or Text file.
    When I am finished writing this post, I will select the publish feature and publish it directly to my blog.
    As I learn more about Google Docs, I will post another article to keep everyone updated. If you use Word to create documents for your job or personal business, why not try out Google Docs? If you do, please let me know what you think about it.

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