Picasa Plus Blogger!

Picasa 3 is free from Google! FREE! FREE! FREE!

This software is excellent for sharing photos and learning some beginning photo editing. I find the software very easy to use and I use the upload feature to upload my photos to Picasa Web Albums for sharing with family and friends. I also us the “blog this” feature which allows me to upload pictures directly to this blog site or any other blog site I have made with Blogger.

Google for educators

As educators, this is a must read for getting ideas on how to involve students in creating slide shows as well as photo editing. Google for Educators explains it all.

Picasa organizes all photos found on your computer to one place where photo editing is made very easy. For example, I was taking “red eye” out of several pictures through Picasa then I went back to the files on my computer to see the changes because I did not trust Picasa……and all pictures were changed. Wow, that was easy. I did not have to go through my C-drive to find all pictures I needed to change. I used Picasa that brings all my pictures to me. I am a faithful user of Picasa. If your district will allow Picasa to be used, it would be an excellent resource for teachers and students. Read about it at Google for Educators!

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