Elmo: 21st Century Technology

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The 20th century overhead is the black machine on the left. Runs well with its plastic overhead transparencies or vis-a-vis pens plus paper towels and water. It has served its purpose and continues to be helpful to teachers.

On the right is “Elmo” one of our newest 21st century technology for Whittier School. We can now place anything on the Elmo and it will be projected onto the screen with the help of the LCD projector.

What is needed now is an Elmo and LCD project for every classroom across America or maybe, just our district. This valuable tool can save on paper. Saving money is a high priority right now……

On an educational note: Visuals are so important and Elmo makes it possible to turn any item you want into a visual. It is fun and exciting to watch students presenting their reports using Elmo. Their work can be laid on Elmo and projected for all to read while they explain the projects or present information.

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