This is an exciting time of year for students who are returning to school. They are full of excitement for the new school year having been off for summer vacation. Many students do want to come back-to-school; however, there are some who do not want to return. For them, it has been fun not to work on homework or reading assignments for tests.

School shouldn’t always be about dreadful things we don’t want to do, but can be about things that we like to do. To help your child or children stay excited about school, find out what they are really interested in and let them explore. The Internet is a wonderful resource for learning about many topics of interest. When I am visiting my mom (who does not have Internet), I am amazed at how I miss the Internet and looking up words or topics that come up in conversations. To deepen the meaning of conversations, the Internet is a very useful tool.

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  1. BJ Bagwell says:

    Hi Dr. Pritchard,I share your views about the return to school and the challenge of maintaining interest and enthusiasm. I very much enjoyed a podcast of Dr. Michael Wesch ( recently. He was speaking largely about his experiences with his college students; however, his message definitely had applicability to all learners and all teachers. One of the most revealing things he commented on was the fact that all of his students indicated they like to learn, they just don’t enjoy the institution of school. He follows all of that up with ways that learning in this institution can be more relevant. Here’s hoping that we all have a great year right along with our students! BJ

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