Renewal of Vows!

Shalom y’all!

It is great to be back at home. I missed teaching the last days of school so I will be updating you on my trip to Israel.

First of all, it was exciting, awesome, and beautiful.
My husband and I signed up with Moody Bible Institute to tour Israel from May 25 to June 5. We were up by 5:00am, off and running until 9pm most days. We had full days of learning about Israel’s history visiting many tels that have been excavated. I will be sharing more about each place later.

While at Tel Dan (Ruth 4: 1; 2 Samuel 15:2-4), Paul and I renewed our wedding vows at the place for judging located at the city gate. The picture above shows us standing on the judging area with Dr. Julius from Moody Bible Institute. We had ten witnesses, to our surprise our friends organized a party with ten squirt guns to anoint our renewal of vows.

It was just one of the great memories we have from our trip to Israel.

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4 Responses to Renewal of Vows!

  1. aviree says:

    thats is so cool because u renued your vows in isreil how cool i really missed u teaching but ms lars was nice too.

  2. Mrs. Pritchard says:

    Hi Aviree,Thanks, I missed you too! It was exciting being in Israel. Keep in touch!

  3. Hayley says:

    Cool. I didn’t know you could have your vows renewed. That’s cool. And I bet that was an awesome place to do it to! Hi Mrs. Pritchard! You are finally back? I wish you could of been there on the last day of school.

  4. Mrs. Pritchard says:

    Hayley,I really missed being with you on the last days of school. I heard you treated the sub excellent and was a great student.Come visit me next year…..same school …..same room Okay!Remember you can email me this summer through the fantastic fifth wikiYou guys were the best class!

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