First Day of May!

First of May represents a lot of things to different people. For me, it means the end of the school year. Here we have only a month left of school where students and teachers are tired from all the stress of testing.

Time for a change in atmosphere:

This is a time of year to relax and enjoy our students. Change the atmosphere in the classroom…clean house and let the students find respectable, safe games to play.

Try playing different Games at Have students check out these games and write short critiques on what they like and dislike about the games. If asked, I think the students will even come up with different game sites that they could recommend.

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9 Responses to First Day of May!

  1. nancy_perez555 says:

    I agree with you Mrs. Pritchard to me may is a relaxing month because all the test are over! It is really fun helping you clean the class! & it is also fun to work at our game boards for social studies! And to work on our health brochures! I hope May is a great month! =)

  2. My Journal says:

    I agree with you and Nancy. May is a time to clean up. It’s also a time to have fun with friends and family. You should start fresh in May. In May, you should clean up the classroom for next year. We’ll be going to 6th grade in 34 days. It’s not alot of days. We should appretiate our shool, our school’s staff, and our magnificent teacher. It’s going to be a great end of the year. Thanks Mrs. Pritchard. YOU ROCK!!!

  3. tinkybell says:

    To me May means, 2 birthdays, Mother’s day, and a whole bunch of other things. But another reason why I like May is because it’s one month closer to June, which means Summer, and my Birthday.

  4. aviree says:

    i agree with with both of you. to me may is a time where i can hang out and relax. i mostly play outside but when i play on the computer i like playing and fun websites with my little brother. may is a time where you should start cleaning up and start all over. hopefully it will be a great month, i know it will be thanks to my friends family and of course Mrs.pritchard

  5. Hayley says:

    I do think May is a relaxing month like we don’t have so much work on our plate and we just sit back have the easy work sheets and have fun.Also agree with my jounal.I agree I do like some of the games on that website but a lot of them are little kids ones like the one with the red monster. The other ones I do like. There are some other games on the web that are safe and fun like club penguin. Club penguin is safe because we have secret angents. Anyone who swears, is mean, or has an innopropriate ame or uses innopropriate word gets kicked off.

  6. princesasox says:

    well i think that May is soooooooo cool because it is Mother’s day and then you can buy them flower’s.But this month is exciting for me because two cool movies are coming out on my Cusin’s Birthday on May 2 and then on May 9 it is my little sister’s bday and a movie called speed racer is coming out

  7. princesasox says:

    May also means that School is almost over and then comes Summer Vacation and we can hang out with our friends and i am going to have a lot of baseball games and softball games to go to. baseball is for the Chicago White Sox and then my cusin’s and my brother. the softball games are for me and then my sister’s.

  8. kaitlyn says:

    I think may is relaxing because its not to cold its not to hot but it is closer to summer! I also agree with Nancy_Perez that all the tests are over and that is great!

  9. Jesse says:

    To me , the first day of may is a month were kids are starting to get happier and more active because it’s towrds the end of the year.

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