Technology and Church!

It is hard for some churches to be able to project images from computers onto their walls so that visitors and members can enjoy the program. Not all churches have appropriate lighting and enough receptacles located near the front.

In today’s churches and schools, the teachers are facing the need to provide visuals and interactive lessons for their students. This allows students to become actively involved in the lesson. How often do we actually sit for long periods of time? Usually if we are watching TV, videos, DVDs, etc. that will keep us involved.

Our students need to be involved mentally and physically in their learning. This can be accomplished by having them create projects by using word processors, slide shows, cameras, videos, and more.

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Listen to this article

Listen to this article

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7 Responses to Technology and Church!

  1. nancy_perez555 says:

    I agree! For example in my church we don’t have enough money and equipment for a projector! It would really be awesome if we did. Because us kids love visualizing things. Great article Mrs. Pritchard. =)

  2. My Journal says:

    In my church, we do have a projector. That is used for song lyrics and if the pastor says something to the people in the church, who ever is deaf can read the projecting on the wall and can know what he is saying.

  3. Jesse says:

    I agree with making learning more interactive. It gives kids a chance to learn and have fun at the same time, wich is a big help ith stubborn kids.

  4. tinkybell says:

    Hey, thats something cool. But not all Churches have enough money for things like that,they should have a fundraiser or something.

  5. aviree says:

    well when i went to my old school which was catholic we always went to church but they didnt a a projector they a sign lanuage person then in another room they had a person come in and do fun church activities for us kids.

  6. Hayley says:

    I agree except for one thing. We only need more visuals towards the end of the school year because we’ve been learning from paper and the board. We need more visuals because our brains are fried by the time the school year is done. So that explains a lot about students. Also WE NEED MORE VISUALS!

  7. princesasox says:

    i do think that us kids are just siiting around watching tv but i don’t get something becasue during school days when we have homework we just lay around cause we’re probably tired but when we don’t have homework in the summer we get active.

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