Today we watched a basketball game between 4th and 5th grades with teachers and students playing on the same team. It was a great afternoon watching and enjoying the good sportsmanship. The teachers were fantastic. I say this because they are much older than the students that were playing and they kept up with everything.

Our Gym teacher, Mr. VanZee, was awesome with his high jumps. The students love him.

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9 Responses to Basketball

  1. My Journal says:

    I loved this basketball game because Mr. Van Zee did an awesome high jump. He kept taking the ball away from every team. There were two teams. The Red team and the Green team. I went and always went for the Red team. It’s was fun because even though the teachers were older and taller, they still let the children play along, as well.

  2. nancy_perez555 says:

    The game was really fun! Because it really looked like the adults and the kids were all playing fairly and enoying the game. The best part of the game for me was when Mr. Van Zee a high jump. I was chearing for both of the teams becuase they both were great. In specific my old great teacher Mr. Coppin and my class mates! Great article. I love that we can share moments like this with people all over the internet! =)

  3. princesasox says:

    i liked this basketball game because i was in it but i had fun because when i saw the teachers playing in it they would block the ball from each other. they would also let the litle 4th graders make it into the hoop.

  4. princesasox says:

    I liked how Mr. Van Zee would do the slam dunks that is what really hiped up the kids. i was also funny when Mr. Coppin my 4th grade teacher last year when he would get and almost make a slam dunk.

  5. Jesse says:

    I agree. it was a very entertaining basketball game. I liked how thre teachers played, especilly Mr.vanzee

  6. tinkybell says:

    I think the basketball game was cool, even though I wasn’t in it, it was cool to watch other people play.I don;t think last year the fifth graders watched the fourth graders though.

  7. aviree says:

    i really enjoyed the basketball game cuz i was also in in it. i was on the red team. Mr. Van Zee would do the slam dunks it was really cool! i agree with you alexus about how the teachers let the kids play along with them and not always hog the ball.

  8. kaitlyn says:

    It was a cool game. I would v\cheer for the team that my last year teaccher was on. The basketball was very intertaining!

  9. Hayley says:

    I agree with Mrs. Pritchard about how Mr. Vanzee and his high jumps. One of the kids from the other classrooms was saying “he’s being a show off with his high jumps and stuff.” I really enjoyed the basketball game and I went for both teams(it was depending on who was on each team).

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