FrontPage and Making Digital Files:

Microsoft FrontPage allows you to create WebPages!
My students have been working on many Word documents, slideshows, brochures, and spreadsheets throughout the school year. Now, it is time to link these documents to FrontPage. Above is the teacher index page where all the students’ WebPages are linked.

For each student:

Each student has created one WebPage where all their documents are linked. After completion of a project, the student saves the artifact as an html document then links it to their personal index page. It is then linked to the page below. In this way, the students can show their files as a portfolio or digital files.

Note: My Student WebPages are not available on-line because of privacy issues.

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5 Responses to FrontPage and Making Digital Files:

  1. Jesse says:

    I realy liked this article on frontpage. I hope that you will write more articles that will help us learn more about computers.

  2. nancy_perez555 says:

    I agree with Jesse! This is a great article for our front page. I really like working with my articles and the web. Hopefully we get to do more things like this.

  3. Jesse says:

    bria said I really like how you told the internet people who log on this space what we been doinging in school on the internet and the shocking is we are only in the fifth grade and i thimk thats cool.

  4. tinkybell says:

    I think it’s cool that you can put all of our stories on a front page. But I want to learn how to make my own Web page too!

  5. My Journal says:

    I totally liked this frontpage. I hope you have some time to publish articles that teaches students about technology. It can help people with things they can do on their computers. It’s interesting and helpful. This is an awesome article.

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