Add Color to Your Posts!

Attention fourth and fifth grade students:

Add color to your posts!

If you type your posts using Microsoft Word, you are able to use color and the color does transfer to your post “as is” if you have a blog created with Blogger.

Titles can be added using different colors to draw attention to your different sections that you have written.

Subtitles can be used to add additional color.

Emphasizing different points of view could be accomplished by using different colors!

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3 Responses to Add Color to Your Posts!

  1. nancy_perez555 says:

    This is really cool because as we create articles we can really catch peoples attencion by adding color to some sections! I can’t wait to try this

  2. tinkybell says:

    Awesome!!!!!! I never knew the color transfered to our articles or stories. When I get home I’m going to do that on my Blog too.

  3. Hayley says:

    I think it is really cool because on Wikis and blogs you can’t do that.

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