We have been working on brochures using Publisher, adding images and researching facts about famous people. It is quite interesting to watch my students work helping each other and creating newspapers, brochures, plays, and books. They are interested in writing and creating without being told this is an assignment. Instead, they arrive early morning to work on their many projects. They seem to be rather fast when it comes to typing and finding research articles. Now it is time to start showing them how to build web pages.

They also went home and commented to this blog. This took exact time and effort. Many of the students do not have computers at home so they decided to go to the public library.

The 2007-2008 class is an amazing class. It doesn’t seem possible that our school year is almost at an end.

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5 Responses to Publisher

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  2. pony says:

    hello miss pritchard i just had to say i love all you pictures and stuff

  3. nancy_perez555 says:

    I love working on publisher! Its amazing how many things you can create using this program! =]

  4. Jesse says:

    I really liked learning about how to use microsoft publisher. It was really cool and fun making a brochure about a the telephone and famous people that changed our history.

  5. tinkybell says:

    I enjoyed making brochures about famous people. My person was Galileo Galilei. I thought he was very cool and I never knew anything about him. And if you don’t know anything about him he is the guy that invented the telescope.

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