Our newest Blog Website

Besides working and posting on http://parentsteachersstudents.blogspot.com and http://pritchardspress.blogspot.com, we now have a new student blog that is wonderful.

Class Blogmeister

Class Blogmeister was created by David Warlick. By the way, teachers must send an email to him to get approval to join Class Blogmeister.

What I know so far about Class Blogmeister….

1. It is completely safe because everything has to have the approval of the teacher before it can be posted.

2. Once approved the teacher will publish the posts to the blog.

3. Comments made by students to students also go through an approval process and are published by the teacher.

4. No emails for students to use.

5. Emails are sent to the teacher in-charge as soon as a student has submitted a post for publishing. Using feeds or netvibes, the teacher can easily keep up with posts. In addition, you can read and approve student posts from your email account. Truly Awesome!

6. The students love it.

Difficulties that we address everyday:

1. Our Main blog page is unblocked; however, the students’ blogs are not unblocked so they can not work on them at school. In other words, we can not post at school and when needing to discuss the relevant information on our blogs we cannot.

Going around the difficulties:

As I mention, I have made a screencast using screencast-o-matic which is blocked at school, but can be downloaded to my laptop or flashdrive then taken to school.

Sad but true Podomatic and Screencasts are blocked. Students must go to Class Blogmeister at home to take advantage of the latest Web 2.0 tools.

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One Response to Our newest Blog Website

  1. nancy_perez555 says:

    I love the new blog, hopefully we get it unblocked.

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