Research, reading, and the Internet

It is interesting to talk with adults and students about researching on the Internet and how they consider the Internet as not reading. Many students will spend hours researching, reading, and collecting resources for their reports only to say that they haven’t been reading. Students mention that the day goes by faster on days they are working on computers and notice that they quite often do not tire of reading Internet Websites. It always amazes me that my students and acquaintances do not consider that they are spending hours reading when taking care of emails, IMing, and visiting various Websites.

The Internet is full of remarkable resources that require reading.
We can learn about many things while surfing the web; for example, here is an Website on elephants.

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3 Responses to Research, reading, and the Internet

  1. Jo McLeay says:

    Hey Mrs Pritchard, I totally agree with you. I have had students say (please imagine tone of voice) But, Miss, I don’t read. And they do. screen mediated literacy is still literacy.

  2. nancy_perez555 says:

    Mrs.Pritchard youre right i enjoy reaserching here then reading info on books I love the internet and I think time goes by fast in her! Its amazing!

  3. Mrs. Pritchard says:

    Nancy,I can tell you really enjoy all the Internet opportunities that we are going through. Can’t wait until Tuesday when we make the masks?

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