Sisters for Life


Sisters for Life

Once there was 2 girls names Alexus and her sister Aviree. These two girls always hung out with each other until their parents got divorced. So Alexus went with her dad and Aviree went with her mom. Alexus lived Hollywood while Aviree lived in Florida. Alexus and Aviree were so sad and the worst part of all was that their parents wouldn’t let them speak to each other or call or even E-MAIL! After the girls 18 birthdays they secretly set up a top secret phone call and came up with a plan to meet. So they met in a down in Wisconsin called Tomahawk. When the girls saw each other for the first time in 8 years they broke down in tears. When they got done crying they got in Aviree’s porsh and drove off. When the girls decided they needed money and they didn’t want to ask their parents they got jobs. Their jobs were at a restaurant called T.G.I. Fridays. Since Alexus was the oldest by a few minutes she was the first to get married! She married a guy named Fred and had three lovely children but Aviree wasn’t so lucky it took her 3 years to find Mr. Perfect. Then on October 26 Aviree had married a guy named Randy and had also had three lovely children. And the sisters never left each other again!


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