What an exciting month for teaching and learning about wikis, blogs, and podcasting. This month the class goal is to podcast. We want to record Reader’s Theater productions. This will be new to our school and the students are very excited about preparing something for an audience.

I feel I have seen an increase in participation in writing because the students have an audience when they write and their work is publihsed.

Check out what they have been writing at http://pritchardspress.blogspot.com

Listen to this article
Listen to this article

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6 Responses to October

  1. nancy_perez555 says:

    I’m very exited about podcasting and your rite students have been more interesting in writing its fun.!

  2. kaitlyn says:

    I love podcasting

  3. Mrs. Pritchard says:

    Thanks Nancy and Kaitlyn

  4. kaitlyn says:

    Your welcome Mrs Pritchard

  5. Mrs. Pritchard says:

    You are awesome Kaitlyn Thanks for supporting our adventure in blogging.

  6. Mrs. Pritchard says:

    Nancy,You are fantastic! Thanks for supporting this blog.

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