Adora Svitak a 9 year old that started writing blogs since she was 7. This started as one assignment her mom made her do and it ended as fame. Adora’s mom told her she has to write on a journal Adora didn’t want to she started writing and the more she wrote the more she liked it. One day she decided to post her stories on blogs. Adora enjoys reading a lot she reads 2-3 books a day. Adora doesn’t like the way girls are portrayed in books and movies, so she tries to crate the kid of strong, intelligent, and sassy characters her herself would like to read about. Adora likes to go to libraries, bookstores, museums, and restaurants. Some of her favorite books are The Century for Young People (a gift from the author, Peter Jennings); Little Women; The Secret Garden, the Redwall series, Inkheart, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, the Harry Potter series, The Hobbit, The Chronicles of Narnia. She also likes food channels. When she grows up she wants to be a journalist, historian, humanitarian, principal, teacher, archaeologist, actress, and last but not least a talk show hostess. She wants to win the Nobel price in Literature and Peace. Adora loves reading poetry. Her poems names are the philosopher, love, the princess, if I drove and ice cream truck, fairies, if I were thirty-nine here is one of her poems.


I love my Mommy…
She loves me…
When she’s sick, I make her tea.
When she’s sad, I cheer her up,
When we’re hungry, we sup.

I love my Daddy…
He loves me…
When he’s tired, I leave him to read,
When he is weary, I leave him to rest.
When he is playful, his jokes are the best!

I love my Sister,
She sometimes loves me,
When she is joyful, I let her ride on me,
When she is upset, I give her hugs,
When she is curious, I show her bugs.

Adora is a very talented girl she has her own book already its called flying fingers she also has other ones. I admire Adora for her intelligence.

I got most of this information from


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