Once upon a time there lived a girl named Ella. Ella was fourteen and a half. She went to Kerry middle school in Tampa Beach, Florida. One time when she was at the beach with her friends Katie, Margaret, Elizabeth, Eric, and Sadie they were swimming in the ocean when they heard a noise from behind the see grass it turned out to be a baby sea lion. As soon as Ella and her friends saw this they got the beach patrol. They said they would take it to the marine vet at the zoo to give it a full examine. Ella couldn’t sleep all she was thinking about was that poor, poor sea lion baby so the very next day she went to the Magic of Animals zoo to check up on the baby sea lion they said it was a boy and that it was dehydrated. So Ella asked if he would make it and they said “he would make it as long as we keep giving him food and water.” She figured if her friends and she found it they should name it so she called up her buddies one at a time and they all agreed on a name for him he would be called Magic since it was magic they found him. So Ella applied for a job at the zoo they said she was too young but they did need the help so Ella had gotten the job and the best thing about it was she worked with magic most of the time she got to know more about his species and him. When Magic was about five years of age he met this girl sea lion named Isabella she was also five years of age one day while Ella was changing their cage she noticed little sea lion babies and she remembered Magic so she ran to the manager of the zoo and told her she went to go check it out she couldn’t believe her eyes! So now Ella can look after all of the sea lions.


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