Once upon a time there was a homeless guy. He lived in a park he always-wanted new shoes. Back in the day shoes cost only a quarter but he didn’t even had that. Once he found 5 dollars oh boy was he happy! He always used to show it off to people who didn’t have money. He bought 2 pairs of shoes now he had $7.50 one day when he was walking he saw and angel. And the angel said “I gave you this money so you can buy new shoes I didn’t give it to you so you can show it off! I’m going to let you keep it but if you do it again I will take it away.” “Okay” said the guy. The next day the guy kept showing it off he didn’t think the angel could take it away so he just didn’t listen. A week passed the guy had his $7.50 when he was going to get another pair off shoes all of a sudden he felt like someone had took the money out of his pocket but he didn’t see anybody. Then he heard a familiar voice it was the angel he said “I told you, but you didn’t listen I gave you a week and you didn’t listen sorry but I have to take that back. “No please,” said the guy “I’m sorry I can’t trust you anymore.” said the angel. Years passed the guy died when he got to heaven he saw the angle he went up to him and told him to give him one more life and he would be honest. The angel said yes and the guy didn’t lie again.

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