Albert and his Haunted House


Albert and his Haunted House

Long ago lived this man named Albert. Albert hated Halloween. Every Halloween he always ignored the kids that rang his doorbell. So one year he made his house look like an evil scary hunted house. All the kids on the block never returned. When Albert grew older he got very sick and on October 31 at exactly 10:00 a clock Albert died. Many, many years later a family moved in to that same house. When they walked in that dusty old horrid house they heard footsteps walking toward them. The kids shrieked when they heard a whisper in their ears, they heard a man’s voice saying leave now go get out of my house!!! Soon after that one of the children named Randy noticed that his father was getting weaker each week so he told his sister named Morgan and they told their mother. Their mother told them that she had noticed that her husband was getting weaker each week. By the time the doctor had come it was to late their father or called husband had died in his sleep. After that the children looked up the house history and found out that on Halloween old man named Albert died in that same house, same sickness, the same spot, and the same day. So they printed out that article and showed it to their mother she was in shock. She couldn’t believe her eyes! As soon as the moving guy was there they packed up their belongings and hit the road. But they suddenly noticed they had forgotten their last picture of their father. So they rushed back but as soon as they tried to leave the door slammed shut. The family hollered the kids were balling their eyes out. “I warned you” Albert shouted. “Now you have to pay.” “Stay way from my babies and take me.” said the kid’s mom. After that the little family from again.


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