First Article by Nancy

One Halloween, 10 years ago, four 16 year olds called David, Jonny, Daniel, and Uriel decided to go to the Bachelors Grove Cemetery because they had heard scary stories about it and they didn’t believe it.

They said that if you go there you feel people chasing you and you hear voices and you see ghost.

That day when the kids went it was the worst day of their life. They left in David’s car. When they got there they heard voices saying get out. It creped them out but they kept walking all of a sudden they feel like something is chasing them.

They started running, they stopped, and they noticed Jonny was not with them. They run back and they notice that he’s dead. they carried him back to the car and got out of there as soon as they could.

they took him to the hospital and the police officers interviewed them. The next day at school everybody kept talking about it and questioned them the guys felt bad they were never going back to that place again.

The next year they met new friends they wanted to go to the cemetery on Halloween but they said no to the other guys but they didn’t care they had said they were still going even if they didn’t want to go they guys told them the story but they didn’t care! Halloween came and the same thing happened to the guys 3 who went that day and only 2 came back! Are you going to Bachelors Grove Cemetery this Halloween?

Listen to this article

Listen to this article

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