Students Blogging

We have just finished our fourth week of school. Our blogs and wikis are in good shape because more than half of my students have acquired email addresses so that they can participate. There seems to be a lot of interest in making personal blogs and wikis. I would like for my students to post why they are finding blogs and wikis so interesting.

Listen to this article
Listen to this article

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5 Responses to Students Blogging

  1. nancy_perez555 says:

    I like blogs and wiki because I can experiment with the computer and express my feelings!

  2. vivian ferreira says:

    I find it blogging fun because you can talk about yourself and write about alot of things

  3. Mrs. Pritchard says:

    Thanks Vivian and Nancy for your comments. I look forward to reading your ideas, opinions, and comments.

  4. nancy_perez555 says:

    No, thank you for intruducing us to this amazing site.!

  5. kaitlyn says:

    I think blogging is fun because we get to do assigements and we get to make your own wiki

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