Email Addresses

As we start this year off with blogging and wikis, I have seen a lot of interest in both. My students are creating their own email addresses with their parents so that they can log into the blogs and wikis we will be using in school.

For our newsletter, we will be using a wiki and blog! The wiki will be used as a collaboration place for the reporters and editors of Pritchard’s Press. This is a place where students will be editing and polishing their articles. Pritchard’s Press blog will be used to post the articles for the newsletters.

We also have a class blog! This will be used to blog and respond to others.

Our special classroom activities will take place at . This will be kept private for our classroom use only.

If your child is in my class, have him/her show you what they are doing in regards to wikis and blogs.

Listen to this article
Listen to this article

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One Response to Email Addresses

  1. tinkybell says:

    Mrs.Pritchard you know I already have an E-mail adress and I also have a blog.

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