Welcome to our Newsletter Blog!

Welcome to our newsletter blog where we will be writing articles for the newsletter.

You may submit your articles to the box outside of Room 5. Our reporters and editors will be typing and editing the various articles that are submitted. Look for your articles here at the Pritchard’s Press Blog!

Listen to this article

Listen to this article

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  1. nancy_perez555 says:

    One Halloween 10 years ago 4 16 year olds called David, Jonny, Daniel , Uriel decided to go to the Bachelors Grove Cemetery because they had heard scary stories about it they didn’t believe it. They said that if you go there you feel people chasing you and you hear voices and you see ghost. That day when the kids went it was the worst day of their life. They left in David’s car. When they got there they heard voices saying get out it creped them out but they kept walking all of a sudden they feel like something is chasing them they start running they stop and they noticed Jonny is not with them they run back and they notice that he’s dead they carried him back to the car and got out of there as soon as they could they took him to the hospital and the police officers interviewed them. The next day at school everybody kept talking about it and questioned them the guys felt bad they were never going back to that place again. The next year they met new friends they wanted to go to the cemetery on Halloween but they said no to the other guys but they didn’t care they had said they were still going even if they didn’t want to go they guys told them the story but they didn’t care! Halloween came and the same thing happened to the guys 3 went that day and only 2 came back! Are you going to Bachelors Grove Cemetery this Halloween?

  2. vivian ferreira says:

    vcips97 writes: newsletterSome new students might not know about the secret passages in Whittier School. These passages are places students can’t go. They are only for teachers and staff members. You’ll probobly notice them during the school year if you look at the door on the stage. I found out because 1 there is a door on the stage and 2 mrs.Pritchard told us. So watch out for any mysterious ways of Whittier School.

  3. nancy_perez555 says:

    Dear Mrs.Pritchard I’m here what can I help you with.? Im not going to be able to stay long because im in the libary and my brother doesnt have the computer anymore so please write bakc to me as soon as you can

  4. nancy_perez555 says:

    Nancy——————————————————————————–Adora Svitak a 9 year old that started writing blogs since she was 7. This started as one assignment her mom made her do and it ended as fame. Adora’s mom told her she has to write on a journal Adora didn’t want to she started writing and the more she wrote the more she liked it. One day she decided to post her stories on blogs. Adora enjoys reading a lot she reads 2-3 books a day. Adora doesn’t like the way girls are portrayed in books and movies, so she tries to crate the kid of strong, intelligent, and sassy characters her herself would like to read about. Adora likes to go to libraries, bookstores, museums, and restaurants. Some of her favorite books are The Century for Young People (a gift from the author, Peter Jennings); Little Women; The Secret Garden, the Redwall series, Inkheart, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, the Harry Potter series, The Hobbit, The Chronicles of Narnia. She also likes food channels. When she grows up she wants to be a journalist, historian, humanitarian, principal, teacher, archaeologist, actress, and last but not least a talk show hostess. She wants to win the Nobel price in Literature and Peace. Adora loves reading poetry. Her poems names are the philosopher, love, the princess, if I drove and ice cream truck, fairies, if I were thirty-nine here is one of her poems.LoveI love my Mommy…She loves me…When she’s sick, I make her tea.When she’s sad, I cheer her up,When we’re hungry, we sup.I love my Daddy…He loves me…When he’s tired, I leave him to read,When he is weary, I leave him to rest.When he is playful, his jokes are the best!I love my Sister,She sometimes loves me,When she is joyful, I let her ride on me,When she is upset, I give her hugs,When she is curious, I show her bugs.Adora is a very talented girl she has her own book already its called flying fingers she also has other ones. I admire Adora for her intelligence.I got most of this information from http://www.adorasvitak.com——————————————————————————–NancyHaunted schoolPeople have said that a girl died in the 4th grade girls bathroom. But a lot of people don’t believe it. One day Mrs. Bodnar told everybody that it is a real story. One day in the fourth grade bathroom a girl climbed up the stall and slipped she broke her ankle and hit her head. Every body thinks it might be haunted…——————————————————————————–NancyOnce upon a time there was a lady who lived in a department she was going to have a baby. After she had the baby her and her newborn baby moved to a apartment. One day the lady left to a party. She left the baby there she got drunk so she stayed at her friends house. She forgot all about the baby and by the time she came back it was to already to late. It was wintertime and the baby froze to death because the windows in the apartment were open and his crib was right next to it. The girl died of a heart attack. A few years later a family moved in that apartment. They had 3 little girls the girls always complained because they said they heard a baby crying. Their parents didn’t believe them until one day the dad went to the attic and saw a dead baby. That day they moved out of the house and never came back. 2 years later a family died there!——————————————————————————–NancyThis year 5th and 4th graders will be able to join chorus. Chorus is like a music club you get to sing, talk about music and learn about music. You also get to perform in Whittier school for the holidays you parents can come and watch. You can sign up in the music room if you have any more questions ask Ms. Sawyer-the music teacher.——————————————————————————–NancyOnce upon a time there was a homeless guy. He lived in a park he always-wanted new shoes. Back in the day shoes cost only a quarter but he didn’t even had that. Once he found 5 dollars oh boy was he happy! He always used to show it off to people who didn’t have money. He bought 2 pairs of shoes now he had $7.50 one day when he was walking he saw and angel. And the angel said “I gave you this money so you can buy new shoes I didn’t give it to you so you can show it off! I’m going to let you keep it but if you do it again I will take it away.” “Okay” said the guy. The next day the guy kept showing it off he didn’t think the angel could take it away so he just didn’t listen. A week passed the guy had his $7.50 when he was going to get another pair off shoes all of a sudden he felt like someone had took the money out of his pocket but he didn’t see anybody. Then he heard a familiar voice it was the angel he said “I told you, but you didn’t listen I gave you a week and you didn’t listen sorry but I have to take that back. “No please,” said the guy “I’m sorry I can’t trust you anymore.” said the angel. Years passed the guy died when he got to heaven he saw the angle he went up to him and told him to give him one more life and he would be honest. The angel said yes and the guy didn’t lie again.——————————————————————————–NancyThe entire fifth graders will participant in D.A.R.E. D.A.R.E is a program for fifth graders that teaches them not to do drugs. And the harmful effects on drugs. Sometimes even your best friend will ask you to join drugs. This program is so you know how to say no to drugs. Drugs can hurt you and the people around you such as your family and friends. At the end of the program all of the fifth graders will be graduating from D.A.R.E If you have any questions about D.A.R.E ask officer King-our D.A.R.E instructor.——————————————————————————–AvireeSisters for LifeOnce there was 2 girls names Alexus and her sister Aviree. These two girls always hung out with each other until their parents got divorced. So Alexus went with her dad and Aviree went with her mom. Alexus lived Hollywood while Aviree lived in Florida. Alexus and Aviree were so sad and the worst part of all was that their parents wouldn’t let them speak to each other or call or even E-MAIL! After the girls 18 birthdays they secretly set up a top secret phone call and came up with a plan to meet. So they met in a down in Wisconsin called Tomahawk. When the girls saw each other for the first time in 8 years they broke down in tears. When they got done crying they got in Aviree’s porsh and drove off. When the girls decided they needed money and they didn’t want to ask their parents they got jobs. Their jobs were at a restaurant called T.G.I. Fridays. Since Alexus was the oldest by a few minutes she was the first to get married! She married a guy named Fred and had three lovely children but Aviree wasn’t so lucky it took her 3 years to find Mr. Perfect. Then on October 26 Aviree had married a guy named Randy and had also had three lovely children. And the sisters never left each other again!——————————————————————————–AvireeI think that our school should have a talent show because it would improve our social life and it would be a blast! Like the winner could get a McDonald lunch or something. It would be nice because we have a big stage too. And there can be 3 judges all I am saying that it would be very fun time to learn your song or dance or any of your special talent!——————————————————————————–AvireeI think it would be great if the whole school gets together and have a raffle. We could make a big project in our rooms and auction it off. All the money we make should go towards more gym supplies or more books in our school library. I think it would be a good idea because we always could need more books and gym supplies. This is a great idea.——————————————————————————–AvireeYoung authors are about writing a story that you made up or it can be true. I really like young authors because it gives you a chance to free your mind! One rule is you can not copy someone else’s story. And the best thing is that if your story is picked you had a very interesting book! So start thinking and open your head because you know there are so many ideas in your brain for an awesome story!——————————————————————————–AvireeAlbert and his Haunted HouseLong ago lived this man named Albert. Albert hated Halloween. Every Halloween he always ignored the kids that rang his doorbell. So one year he made his house look like an evil scary hunted house. All the kids on the block never returned. When Albert grew older he got very sick and on October 31 at exactly 10:00 a clock Albert died. Many, many years later a family moved in to that same house. When they walked in that dusty old horrid house they heard footsteps walking toward them. The kids shrieked when they heard a whisper in their ears, they heard a man’s voice saying leave now go get out of my house!!! Soon after that one of the children named Randy noticed that his father was getting weaker each week so he told his sister named Morgan and they told their mother. Their mother told them that she had noticed that her husband was getting weaker each week. By the time the doctor had come it was to late their father or called husband had died in his sleep. After that the children looked up the house history and found out that on Halloween old man named Albert died in that same house, same sickness, the same spot, and the same day. So they printed out that article and showed it to their mother she was in shock. She couldn’t believe her eyes! As soon as the moving guy was there they packed up their belongings and hit the road. But they suddenly noticed they had forgotten their last picture of their father. So they rushed back but as soon as they tried to leave the door slammed shut. The family hollered the kids were balling their eyes out. “I warned you” Albert shouted. “Now you have to pay.” “Stay way from my babies and take me.” said the kid’s mom. After that the little family from again.——————————————————————————–AvireeMagicOnce upon a time there lived a girl named Ella. Ella was fourteen and a half. She went to Kerry middle school in Tampa Beach, Florida. One time when she was at the beach with her friends Katie, Margaret, Elizabeth, Eric, and Sadie they were swimming in the ocean when they heard a noise from behind the see grass it turned out to be a baby sea lion. As soon as Ella and her friends saw this they got the beach patrol. They said they would take it to the marine vet at the zoo to give it a full examine. Ella couldn’t sleep all she was thinking about was that poor, poor sea lion baby so the very next day she went to the Magic of Animals zoo to check up on the baby sea lion they said it was a boy and that it was dehydrated. So Ella asked if he would make it and they said “he would make it as long as we keep giving him food and water.” She figured if her friends and she found it they should name it so she called up her buddies one at a time and they all agreed on a name for him he would be called Magic since it was magic they found him. So Ella applied for a job at the zoo they said she was too young but they did need the help so Ella had gotten the job and the best thing about it was she worked with magic most of the time she got to know more about his species and him. When Magic was about five years of age he met this girl sea lion named Isabella she was also five years of age one day while Ella was changing their cage she noticed little sea lion babies and she remembered Magic so she ran to the manager of the zoo and told her she went to go check it out she couldn’t believe her eyes! So now Ella can look after all of the sea lions.——————————————————————————–AvireeA blog is like a mini diary. I made a blog about last month ago. My teacher Mrs. Pritchard got me very interesting in blogging. You can check out my blog at http://whittierblogspot-andy.blogspot.com. I think blogging is very fun! Starting a blog is very easy if you have a e-mail and you have internet.——————————————————————————–VivianSome people say the day of Halloween real ghost, witches, and goblins come out and scare kids. Here is a question, do you believe? Every Halloween you go trick-or-treating you see people with masks and costumes but do you think they’re real? One day I was watching a show called “See it to believe it” and it showed a witch in the sky on a broom in Mexico and attacked a policeman. The policeman went to the hospital and the doctor took an x-ray of him. The x-ray showed a face in the police man’s stomach. Do you believe in witches now? I still don’t think I do. Try to figure out if these things are real. Would you believe it if you saw it?——————————————————————————–VivianGlobal warming has started and there is a lot of other disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, and thunder storms. Global warming is messing up our atmosphere with the factories and people cutting down our trees, plants are what give us atmosphere. The people cutting them down and ruining our forests probably want to die. Factories can at least turn the smoke off for a couple of days every month. I want the atmosphere to stay a little longer so I’m going to make a petition and if you want to help you can sign it.

  5. nancy_perez555 says:

    Aviree’s PoemThanksgivingThanksgiving is all about giving thanks For that is what is called. The food is great and staying up late With my family too! The pilgrims and Indians did this for peace and it is a national holiday! Peace we got and love too And please don’t forget the great food! ———————————————————————-Aviree’s PoemChristmas Eve I am sitting by the fire on Christmas eve Thinking of the gifts that I will receive. Drinking eggnog is what it is about. When I wake it will be snowingThen I will know it is Christmas morning! ———————————————————————-Aviree’s PoemHalloweenDarkness everywhere Can’t see a thing.Bats in the air flying everywhere. Witches in the sky flying on their brooms, Cats with red eyes dark fur too! Werewolves are on the prowl their hungry ones too!———————————————————————-Vivian’s PoemFALLIt’s time for fall hooray, hoorayLets jump in the leaves and play, play, playThe weather is good to play outsideThe leaves are changing colorOh my, Oh myNow it’s time to say goodnightTomorrow we’ll see what’s in sight

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