I have been experimenting with audacity open source download for making MP3 files for podcasting.

I installed audacity on my laptop and was able to make a MP3 file without a microphone. My laptop was purchased in 2002 and has Windows XP.

Setting Audacity up was quite simple with the help of Audacity. Don’t forget to download LAME MP3 encoder so you will be able to export MP3 files from audacity.

If you want a simple way to have your students or children record and make MP3 files, this would be a good way to introduce the process one student at a time.

Listen to this article

Listen to this article

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2 Responses to Audacity!

  1. kaitlyn says:

    I am really excited about doing all this stuff on the computer. I have been trying to make a blog at home, but I never have enough time at home. I love my computer i go on my computer like every day!

  2. nancy_perez555 says:

    I have a blog!but I haven’t put anything on it yet.Ill give you my adress when im done working on it i also found a site at home of various backgrounds for blogs

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