Whittier School

The fourth and fifth graders at Whittier School are fantastic. The behavior and excitement from the students has been wonderful. The students are ready for school and want to be in their classrooms learning. As I talked to my students, they seem happy to be back to school and can’t wait to get started with the wikis and blogs.

I discussed and introduced Adora in this blog in August. I have heard from Adora‘s mom who wants to set up a live video conference where Adora shows the fifth graders how to blog. This will be exciting. I will let you know more later.

Listen to this article

Listen to this article

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3 Responses to Whittier School

  1. Alex N. says:

    Whittier school is number1

  2. andy says:

    this is my second year in disrict 130 so far i really like it

  3. kaitlyn says:

    aviree that is cool how this is ur second time inq district 130 i hope you stay at district 130!

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