Why our students need to Blog!

After finding the video by Will Richardson on the importance for our students to blog.


I was reading Jo McLeay’s Blog about another video.

Rachel Boyd made this video to explain the importance of Blogging with our students! This video was available for the public at teachertube.

Enjoy the video and check out Rachel’s Blog!

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2 Responses to Why our students need to Blog!

  1. Rachel Boyd says:

    Hi Pamela,Thanks for the mention of my video! Glad you enjoyed watching it.This is a neat bunch of resources, info and links that you are gathering and developing on your blog.I have also just noticed that you are a member of the edublogger ning and I have added you as a friend.Will keep an eye on the neat things you are finding on your blog.Kind regards,Rachel Boyd, Nelson, New Zealand

  2. Mrs. Pritchard says:

    Thank you Rachel,I am trying to make this blog a resource of information and provide valuable links that teachers, parents, and students can use and refer to. You video will help parents and teachers understand the importance of blogging. Thanks for such a wonderful resource. Have a great day!Pam

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